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    .ro Domain names registration period
  • Presently .ro domain names do not have an expiry date
  • When registering a .ro domain name you pay a one time registration fee
  • .Ro Registry may change this and introduce annual renewal fees in the future
  • Can I register a Romanian domain name?
  • You do not have to be a Romanian resident to register a new .ro domain name.
  • Alice lives in the US. She has visited Romania and has lots of pics. Alice can register a .ro domain name
  • John owns a business based in Canada. John may want to expand his business in the new EU countries. He can register a .ro domain name.
  • Romanian Domain Names Pricing
    Managing .ro Domain Names
  • You can manage your .ro domain names online on the registry page.
  • When registering a new .ro domain name the .ro registry automatically creates a new password.
  • The password will be emailed to the owner's email address by clicking the password recovery link.
  • Romanian Domain Name Contacts
  • .Ro domain names have two type of contacts: the domain name owner (registrant) and the technical contact
  • Only the domain name owner can manage a Romanian domain name
  • The owner's name / company cannot be changed after the registration. Changing the owner's name / company equates to transferring ownership of the domain name and is subject to the same pricing as a new Romainian name registration
  • Is Nettissimo an official .ro registrar of ROTLD?
  • Nettissimo is an official partner of ROTLD, the Romanian Domain Names Registry
  • the official partners list

  • yahoo

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