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    all prices are in converted from Euros in RON (Romanian currency)
    1 euro: 4.6550 RON
    Price slabs
      1 - 5 domain names  
    10,00€ / dom.
    (11,90€ / dom., VAT included)
      6 - 10 domain names  
    9,00€ / dom.
    (10,71€, / dom., VAT included)
      over 10 domain names  
    8,00€ / dom.
    (9,52€, / dom., VAT included)
    The price slabs are calculated based on the total number of domains registered per customer account and are updated daily.
    About VAT
    EU residents are subject to VAT (Value Added Tax, 19% in Romania), EU based companies having a valid VAT number are not subject to Romanian VAT
    Non-EU residents are not subject to VAT
    E.g: if you are a US resident, you are not subject to VAT, you will pay 10,00€ / domain; if you are a UK resident you are subject to Romanian VAT, unless you have a valid VAT number.
    EURO to RON conversion
    Your credit card will be charged in RON (Romanian currency)
    Credit card companies usually have a higher exchange rate from your local currency to RON (typically about 1%) than the rate above


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    fax: +4-021-5683272